These classes can help with weight loss, muscle toning and being in the water helps you exercise at a level you might find impossible on dry land.

  •  Water supports 90% of your body weight.
  • Increase the range of limb movement impossible on land.
  • The clean warm water(32c) helps to relax and soothe muscle soreness allowing better exercise outcomes.
  • The resistance provided by the water strengthens and tones muscles.
  • Very low impact on lower limb joints (Ankle, Knees and Hips)
  • Gradually increase duration and intensity to improve cardiac, circulatory & respiratory fitness.
  • Exercise will release endorphins that make you feel good about yourself and may help you to relieve depression.
  • No need to wear figure hugging costumes,, stay comfortable in clean shorts and T Shirts.
  • Meet and chat with other like minded people.
  • A great way to socialise and meet new friends.

£6.00 per session (approx 1hr)

We have a variety of times to choose from.

Mon 1130 & 1945,

Tues 1130,

Weds 0900 & 1930,

Thurs 1200,

Fri 1915.

To secure your place due to limited availability we ask that you pay one week in advance of the lesson

Equipment is provided for you but you are welcome to bring your own.

To book your place please call our reception on 01422 247500, see opening hours below