We have small classes of 5 or 6 pupils with 1 instructor in the water with them, a maximum of 2 classes run side by side so we never have more than 12 pupils in the water at any one time.

Parents are not permitted on poolside but can watch their children on a large TV’s in Reception area where refreshments are on sale and with ample seating you can watch your child’s progress in comfort.

We run our lessons in blocks of 4 weeks, these are paid in advance and subject to our terms and conditions on your registration form when you sign up.

Since April 2016 our swimming lessons have successfully followed a programme of 8 awards developed by the STA to meet the standards of the national curriculum  in addition to this programme we run  :

Transition Classes for Parent and Toddler to prepare for Independent Lessons (All with Parents in the water)

Awards 1 & 2 – from 3.5 yrs upwards this class concentrates on building water confidence and floating skills that will underpin future swim teaching.

Awards 3 – 8 then take the learner through the 4 strokes whilst at the same time teaching a variety of additional water safety and life saving skills which is so important when staying safe in and around water.

The final progression is  where children will be able to work towards a series of distance awards and their interest maintained by being taught additional skills such as CPR , Snorkelling and basic water rescue techniques.

In order to ensure your child gets the most from a lesson it is important we assess their current level of ability before we can allocate a class. So to book lessons for your child please arrange to visit us for an  assessment the cost is £5 and Non Refundable, you can arrange an assessment by calling:

 01422 247500 Mon-Fri between 3.00 – 7.000pm or for any further information


Lessons last for 30 min at a cost of £8.50 per lesson, the lessons are sold in blocks of 4 weeks and are paid for in advance (£34.00 per child).

Adult Lessons.

Lessons are available for adult swimmers either on a 1-2-1 basis or in small classes.

Please call 01422 247500 for more information.