Whats new at Ogden Otters Swim School

Ogden Otters – 2014 -2018. The STA Swim Academy Programme – UV Sterilisation reduces use of chemicals.

Since opening our doors in 2014 we have provided high quality lessons to well over 1500 children, adult non swimmers as well as hosting parent and baby classes throughout the week. The pool water temperature is maintained at 32 c which allows for even the smallest baby to safely take part in this fantastic bonding activity with Mum or Dad.

April 2016 saw our introduction of  STA Swim Academy programme which comprises of 8 levels and is in line with but superior to the national curriculum for children completing primary education. A certificate is awarded for each of the eight levels with each certificate clearly listing the elements successfully completed by the young swimmer, the levels start at absolute beginner and progress steadily to cover all 4 strokes by level 8. This programme is designed to develop stroke techniques along side water safety and water rescue techniques.

The introduction of a cutting edge UV water treatment system in October 2016 has significantly reduced the need to introduce chemicals into the pool and making the in water experience more pleasant and will massively benefit anyone with asthma or similar respiratory conditions as Chlorine levels can be kept at much lower levels. The pool water is tested daily to ensure its chemical composition provides a safe and healthy environment for all our swimmers.

In 2017 Ogden Otters came under new management and the introduction of pool parties as well as re-introducing Aquacise into our programme.  After a great response to one night we very quickly had to increase these aquacise sessions to 3 different times a week. We plan to offer underwater photography in the very near future so watch this space for more details.  Septemer 2017 also saw us opening our doors to working with the education sector to offer National Curriculum swimming lessons and after a very successful year this program has been offered to 3 other schools in Calderdale.